And what do they actually get for that money? It’s not like

MAJORITY LEADER REID: “I support President Obama’s decision to send humanitarian air drops to the thousands of stranded Iraqi civilians who have been forced to flee their homes and are at risk of dying. I also support the President’s decision to launch air strikes as long as no combat forces are on the ground. These air strikes are the correct action for our national security, they will protect American interests and save lives in Iraq.

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It a fucking Bethesda Games Studios game. It buggy as fuck, the physics are wonky as hell, and the animations only work 75% of the time anyways. We all know this. Wanted to get to meet new people, connect with them. No matter how educated a girl is, if she doesn know how to talk to people, her worth is nothing. But most people among Muslims don approve of women doing work that requires them to go out.

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