It’s my passion to make Australian sport more entertaining through music. I am looking for a professional musician to mix and complete a new Australian National Football Anthem

Music professionals: please read my letter and apply


Help me create a new anthem for Australian Football Fans!

Dear Music Professional or Music Student,

My name is Daniel Biryukoff. I am the owner of Australian Sporting organisation called Aussie-Goal!™, which strives to make Aussie sport more entertaining, more fair, and more profitable for teams, athletes, fans and punters; by championing global sports projects.

I am writing to you about my latest project: A new Football Anthem that will be sung by the Socceroos, Matildas and their fans at the next football (soccer) World Cup and beyond. The song will energise and unite all Australian fans at World Cups and beyond, and inspire Australian National teams of all sports to victory.

I have studied songwriting at evening college, and I have the lyrics for the song and some ideas for what I want included in the song. I am looking for a professional musician who has experience in the compilation and digital production of music. Eventually the song will have a video and be promoted Worldwide.

If you are capable and interested in a short term collaboration, please contact me below. I am based in Sydney.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Biryukoff
Founder, Aussie-Goal!™
0468 886 879