We’re creating an exciting new reality TV show about young Rugby League, Rugby Union and AFL players competing to win a spot on an American NFL team! (We love you Jarryd Hayne!)

Contestants will endure mental, physical and tactical tests in locations around Australia, and the top 12 athletes will advance, until one Winner is left standing! Viewers from Australia, UK, NZ, Canada and USA will get to see beautiful locations around Australia as well as players’ stories of why they want to follow in the Hayne Plane’s footsteps.

The Winner will catch a plane over to meet ‘The Hayne Plane’ himself, and get a College football scholarship or a place in a second division NFL team!

We are talking with Management from Australian football codes, players, coaches, actors and American TV channels – but we need your support!

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Team Aussie Goal

Image credit: ABC.net.au