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Australia has always batted well above its average when it comes to International sport. But we have been held back from the leaderboard in winter sports events, due to the difficulties our winter athletes face, like our distance from Europe, limited snow cover and the expense of training overseas at winter Olympic venues.

But there’s an innovative new idea being floated by Aussie-Goal!™ (the organisation that advocates for improvements in rules and conditions for Australian athletes and sporting bodies)… they want Australia to partner with Ukraine to develop a home-away-from-home for Aussie winter sports.

On average, Ukraine has 80 days more snowfall per year than Australia*. Surprisingly though, at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, Australia finished ahead of Ukraine in the medal tally! This is because Ukraine does not have state-of-the-art training facilities behind its sports like we do in Australia.

Ukraine has been an independent country for over 25 years, and is the second biggest country in Europe after Russia. The current Russian invasion in Crimea and military movement in the Donbass region have slowed Ukraine’s ambitions of living a progressive, peaceful and more Western lifestyle. The Ukraine Government and its youthful voters are looking to foster a successful and healthy generation of Ukrainians and to be seen as global citizens; not just Russia’s neighbour.

70% of Australia is classified as arid or semi-arid, which means it gets less than 500 mm of rain a year. With so little rainfall, cold weather and snow, you would assume Australia has little chance of ever hosting a winter Olympic Games – therefore building winter facilities in Australia would be a waste of funding. But according to Daniel Biryukoff, Founder of Aussie-Goal!™ sports organisation, Australia can (and should) co-host a Winter Olympic Games… just not actually IN Australia, but in his home country; Ukraine.

Biryukoff explains that “Similar to the way neighbouring countries often co-host football world cup matches, Ukraine could co-host an Australian Winter Olympic Games. Ukraine has the land – Australia has the finance! Imagine Australia had an ice hockey team that could train as often as the Scandinavians? I believe we would be very successful!”

When asked what the grand plans are for the Australia-Ukrainian sports epicentre, Biryukoff explains “The mountainous Karpatyi region (West Ukraine) has the perfect conditions to build a Winter competition venue for junior, professional and senior athletes to train and compete. There’s an airport and space to build state-of-the-art, modern and sustainable living and training facilities. If we had training and equipment storage facilities for winter sports, Aussie teams could base themselves there and save money flying to various venues around Western Europe (where accommodation, currency and living costs are higher). And they would have their Aussie team mates (both Summer and Winter) around them while they acclimatise for events during their pre-season.”

And the partnership benefits don’t stop at sport. Ukraine is known to have the richest soil in Europe, and has a growing international business industry – which opens up the potential for mutually-beneficial sponsor promotions and sports broadcasting.

Aussie-Goal!™ believes that an Aussie Winter Sports base in Ukraine is a logical, economical, and political solution that has far reaching benefits for Australia and Ukraine, their athletes and their people. Aussie-Goal!™ would like the Australian Government and Australian Winter sports organisations to consider this proposition to build economical, political, and friendship in Eastern Europe with Ukraine, and resolve all issues for good.

That’s our Goal, our Aussie- Goal!™

Daniel Biryukoff
Founder, Aussie-Goal!™
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Australia is undeniably a great sporting nation. But with so many of our favourite National sports contested only by countries within our Oceania region or the Commonwealth – how do we really know if we’re world champions in the true sense of the word?

Sport advocacy organisation Aussie-Goal!™ believes it’s high time that Aussie sports such as Netball, AFL, NRL, ARU and Cricket rolled out to the rest of the world so we can really prove ourselves at all levels and see other nations enjoy our great sports.

“We should start by promoting and popularising Aussie Sports in key strategic nations at grassroots level all the way up to professional levels, National Championships and World Cups.” says Aussie-Goal!™ Founder Daniel Biryukoff.

I have been following and analysing male and female sports competitions both domestically and internationally, and believe there are several likely benefits to an Aussie expansion:

Healthy physical development of kids in all nations
Improve mental health all over the World
Increase the exposure and appeal of Aussie sports
Increased media coverage, advertising spend and athlete salaries
Boost the careers of thousands of Australian sports coaches and professionals
Increased membership for Australian sports clubs
Increased tax contribution from the sport industry
Stronger political and economical relationships

“We’ve hit a glass ceiling with our national sports. And while competitions are tough and entertaining, the finals broadcasting on TV has also reached maximum appeal and audience – and dollars. Plus, Netball, AFL, NRL, ARU and Cricket sports clubs can’t get any more members… that is unless we start to appeal to other nations.

Ukraine and Australia share more in common than you might think. Ukrainian President and Australian Prime Ministers were both elected in 2019, so are fairly fresh in their position. The grassroots sport in Ukraine is football (soccer), so they would be excited to play alternative field sports in a team environment, and play NRL and AFL in a National Ukrainian competition, and then represent the country. Just like Aussies, Ukrainian people are mentally tough and very competitive by nature. Aussie-Goal!™ contacts in sports management in the Ukraine have shown keen interest in their initial plan.

Analytics forecasting shows it is good timing to get in touch with the Ukrainian Government. They are in need of a friend to mentor, guide and support them to develop a new society and healthy and happy Ukranian citizens, stabilise their political situation, and create commercial business opportunities for all parties.

Aussie-Goal!™ would like the Australian Government to consider this proposition to build economical, political and friendship in Eastern Europe with Ukraine through a sporting partnership. It’s WIN-WIN!

So it’s time to expand our sports internationally and recruit new countries to PLAY, WATCH, COACH BET, and COMPETE with Australia.

That’s our Goal, our Aussie- Goal!™

Daniel Biryukoff
Founder, Aussie-Goal!™
0468 886 879

Money in Sport Email

Dear sports enthusiasts and sporting industry professionals,

I am the founder and trademark owner of ‘Aussie Goal’ – the organisation that constantly pushes the boundaries of Australian sport to make it more entertaining and more lucrative for sporting teams, athletes, fans, punters and commercial stakeholders.

We’re writing to let you know about our latest campaigns:

• We are campaigning to change the rules of Women’s tennis in Grand Slams so they play matches of up to five sets (not the archaic and gender-biased three sets), starting with the Australian Open.
• We are launching a free-to-air 24/7 TV channel and sports betting website that shows and explains all Aussie sports to global audiences, and brings in more dollars and playing opportunities for our teams, athletes and punters.
• We are writing an Australian pre-match war cry to rival the NZ haka – to elevate Australian sporting teams and attract more interest from international audiences. This idea was liked by over 200,000 people on Facebook.
• We are co-producing a reality TV show about young Aussie football players (all codes) striving for a place on an American NFL team, to boost the appeal of Aussie footy codes and tourism to a global audience.
• We are working on a film based on the history of Australian Sport, to celebrate our sporting achievements and attract tourists
• We have the ability to gain support for new sports initiatives through our Facebook following, for example our last post reached over 250,000 people.
• We own the data for over 250,000 individuals, including American and Australian TV audiences, players, clubs, trainers and participants in all sports
• Aussie Goal has close to 2 million Facebook views (all passionate sports fans)
• Our marketing is directed at active participants in, or supporters of sport of all types throughout Australia. If you consider the number of people who play or are fans of football, AFL, netball, cricket, rugby league, rugby union, basketball, baseball and more – they are all potential customers for your brands
• We aim to start a new era in sporting records and stats

Aussie Goal is looking for commercial brands to partner with any of our campaign ideas to expand their audience reach, connection to sport and importantly – increase their sales.
I will follow up with you soon, but in the meantime if you are interested in a partnership with any of our campaigns please email or call at your earliest convenience.

That’s our Goal, our Aussie- Goal!™

Daniel Biryukoff
Founder, Aussie-Goal!™
0468 886 879


Aussie Goal TV Letter

Dear sports enthusiasts and sporting industry professionals,

I am the founder and trademark owner of ‘Aussie Goal’ – the organisation that constantly pushes the boundaries of Australian sport to make it more entertaining and more lucrative for sporting teams, athletes, fans, punters and commercial stakeholders.

We’re writing to let you know about our latest initiative: Aussie Goal TV

Aussie Goal TV will be the NEW destination where international fans of Australian sports can place a bet on ANY team, ANY athlete and ANY game Australia is playing, AND all sports around the world (like other betting websites do). The channel will be linked to a sports betting website, hosted at, so punters can back the Aussie team or athlete to win.

This is a world-first because the channel will explain and translate the rules of sporting matches in various languages around the world, with a focus on Asia.

Australia participates in sport ALL year round – NON STOP! NRU, NRL, AFL, football, netball, cricket and also women’s rugby, AFL, football, mixed netball. If these sports play more games internationally, this potentially means more lucrative opportunities for teams and sponsors. They could even become Olympic like Women’s Rugby 7’s.

How can betting websites benefit?

We have some pretty bold ideas about how we want the betting to run. For example, broadcasting sports where draws are not an option (like the golden point rule in NRL). And where margin betting

Such as AFL margins 1-39 or 40+ or Rugby Union 1-12; 13+ give punters more betting opportunities.

Punters will be able to build multi-bets on margins up to 20 legs for a very small bet… for big returns on wins.

How can TV channels benefit?

We feel that the best way to advertise Aussie Goal TV is during an International match in which Australian football teams are playing. In 2014, The Western Sydney Wanderers played against Guangzhou Evergrande in the Asian Champions league Final. The TV audience for this game was 90 people million worldwide. Commercial advertising at games like these is priceless, and it’s exactly the audience we think can be ours at Aussie Goal TV and an opportunity for Aussie sports to promote, expand and be seen.

Why get involved with Aussie Goal TV and betting website?

  • To bring more earning potential to players and athletes
  • To get more global exposure for Aussie UNIQUE sports
  • Involve more people in other countries to participate in Aussie sports
  • To give coaches and teams more international opportunities
  • To give fans a place to watch and punt on men’s and women’s Australian sport competitions
  • To deliver more exciting ways to bet, along with translations into various languages
  • A win-win situation for fans, teams and commercial stakeholders alike

Right now, we are looking for media partners and betting website partners who can bring their expertise and combine it with the volume of traffic and sports connections we have.

If you are interested in being part of this world-first Australian sports TV channel and betting site collaboration, we would very much like to come in a speak with you about how we can make this happen.

That’s our Goal, our Aussie- Goal!™

Daniel Biryukoff
Founder, Aussie-Goal!™
0468 886 879




Australia has an indigenous history and proud sporting history – so why don’t we have a pre-match war cry like New Zealand has their Haka?

We are creating an Aussie war cry so that when our sports stars perform before a match or game – they will increase their adrenalin, draw spectators and TV viewers in, and boost the spirit of Aussie sport. Are you with us???

If you have any ideas for a name, chant or movements, please email (text or video) so we can incorporate all your ideas! Like this post if you agree!

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Women to play to 5 sets in Tennis Grand Slams

They win the same prize money. They have the same sponsors. Male and female tennis players should play equal game time!! Female tennis players are professional athletes and ready to compete just like their fellow male athletes do. Other sports including UFC and Ultra Marathon have the same competition length regardless of gender. This would make Women’s Grand Slams more exciting to fans and more valuable to sponsors.

The Australian Open could be the first event to introduce the new time rule, for Semis and Finals. What a great publicity opportunity for the event! Then as the idea gains momentum, eventually all games of the major Grand Slams – Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the US Open will also play to five sets. Are you with us?

Please LIKE Aussie Goal so we can show support for an exciting new era in Women’s tennis.

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We’re creating an exciting new reality TV show about young Rugby League, Rugby Union and AFL players competing to win a spot on an American NFL team! (We love you Jarryd Hayne!)

Contestants will endure mental, physical and tactical tests in locations around Australia, and the top 12 athletes will advance, until one Winner is left standing! Viewers from Australia, UK, NZ, Canada and USA will get to see beautiful locations around Australia as well as players’ stories of why they want to follow in the Hayne Plane’s footsteps.

The Winner will catch a plane over to meet ‘The Hayne Plane’ himself, and get a College football scholarship or a place in a second division NFL team!

We are talking with Management from Australian football codes, players, coaches, actors and American TV channels – but we need your support!

If you want to see this reality show become a reality – please LIKE and SHARE our page, so we can show that the world is ready to watch this TV show!

Team Aussie Goal

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