Aussie Goal TV Letter

Aussie Goal TV Letter

Dear sports enthusiasts and sporting industry professionals,

I am the founder and trademark owner of ‘Aussie Goal’ – the organisation that constantly pushes the boundaries of Australian sport to make it more entertaining and more lucrative for sporting teams, athletes, fans, punters and commercial stakeholders.

We’re writing to let you know about our latest initiative: Aussie Goal TV

Aussie Goal TV will be the NEW destination where international fans of Australian sports can place a bet on ANY team, ANY athlete and ANY game Australia is playing, AND all sports around the world (like other betting websites do). The channel will be linked to a sports betting website, hosted at, so punters can back the Aussie team or athlete to win.

This is a world-first because the channel will explain and translate the rules of sporting matches in various languages around the world, with a focus on Asia.

Australia participates in sport ALL year round – NON STOP! NRU, NRL, AFL, football, netball, cricket and also women’s rugby, AFL, football, mixed netball. If these sports play more games internationally, this potentially means more lucrative opportunities for teams and sponsors. They could even become Olympic like Women’s Rugby 7’s.

How can betting websites benefit?

We have some pretty bold ideas about how we want the betting to run. For example, broadcasting sports where draws are not an option (like the golden point rule in NRL). And where margin betting

Such as AFL margins 1-39 or 40+ or Rugby Union 1-12; 13+ give punters more betting opportunities.

Punters will be able to build multi-bets on margins up to 20 legs for a very small bet… for big returns on wins.

How can TV channels benefit?

We feel that the best way to advertise Aussie Goal TV is during an International match in which Australian football teams are playing. In 2014, The Western Sydney Wanderers played against Guangzhou Evergrande in the Asian Champions league Final. The TV audience for this game was 90 people million worldwide. Commercial advertising at games like these is priceless, and it’s exactly the audience we think can be ours at Aussie Goal TV and an opportunity for Aussie sports to promote, expand and be seen.

Why get involved with Aussie Goal TV and betting website?

  • To bring more earning potential to players and athletes
  • To get more global exposure for Aussie UNIQUE sports
  • Involve more people in other countries to participate in Aussie sports
  • To give coaches and teams more international opportunities
  • To give fans a place to watch and punt on men’s and women’s Australian sport competitions
  • To deliver more exciting ways to bet, along with translations into various languages
  • A win-win situation for fans, teams and commercial stakeholders alike

Right now, we are looking for media partners and betting website partners who can bring their expertise and combine it with the volume of traffic and sports connections we have.

If you are interested in being part of this world-first Australian sports TV channel and betting site collaboration, we would very much like to come in a speak with you about how we can make this happen.

That’s our Goal, our Aussie- Goal!™

Daniel Biryukoff
Founder, Aussie-Goal!™
0468 886 879