Money in Sport Email

Money in Sport Email

Dear sports enthusiasts and sporting industry professionals,

I am the founder and trademark owner of ‘Aussie Goal’ – the organisation that constantly pushes the boundaries of Australian sport to make it more entertaining and more lucrative for sporting teams, athletes, fans, punters and commercial stakeholders.

We’re writing to let you know about our latest campaigns:

• We are campaigning to change the rules of Women’s tennis in Grand Slams so they play matches of up to five sets (not the archaic and gender-biased three sets), starting with the Australian Open.
• We are launching a free-to-air 24/7 TV channel and sports betting website that shows and explains all Aussie sports to global audiences, and brings in more dollars and playing opportunities for our teams, athletes and punters.
• We are writing an Australian pre-match war cry to rival the NZ haka – to elevate Australian sporting teams and attract more interest from international audiences. This idea was liked by over 200,000 people on Facebook.
• We are co-producing a reality TV show about young Aussie football players (all codes) striving for a place on an American NFL team, to boost the appeal of Aussie footy codes and tourism to a global audience.
• We are working on a film based on the history of Australian Sport, to celebrate our sporting achievements and attract tourists
• We have the ability to gain support for new sports initiatives through our Facebook following, for example our last post reached over 250,000 people.
• We own the data for over 250,000 individuals, including American and Australian TV audiences, players, clubs, trainers and participants in all sports
• Aussie Goal has close to 2 million Facebook views (all passionate sports fans)
• Our marketing is directed at active participants in, or supporters of sport of all types throughout Australia. If you consider the number of people who play or are fans of football, AFL, netball, cricket, rugby league, rugby union, basketball, baseball and more – they are all potential customers for your brands
• We aim to start a new era in sporting records and stats

Aussie Goal is looking for commercial brands to partner with any of our campaign ideas to expand their audience reach, connection to sport and importantly – increase their sales.
I will follow up with you soon, but in the meantime if you are interested in a partnership with any of our campaigns please email or call at your earliest convenience.

That’s our Goal, our Aussie- Goal!™

Daniel Biryukoff
Founder, Aussie-Goal!™
0468 886 879