Australia is undeniably a great sporting nation. But with so many of our favourite National sports contested only by countries within our Oceania region or the Commonwealth – how do we really know if we’re world champions in the true sense of the word?

Sport advocacy organisation Aussie-Goal!™ believes it’s high time that Aussie sports such as Netball, AFL, NRL, ARU and Cricket rolled out to the rest of the world so we can really prove ourselves at all levels and see other nations enjoy our great sports.

“We should start by promoting and popularising Aussie Sports in key strategic nations at grassroots level all the way up to professional levels, National Championships and World Cups.” says Aussie-Goal!™ Founder Daniel Biryukoff.

I have been following and analysing male and female sports competitions both domestically and internationally, and believe there are several likely benefits to an Aussie expansion:

Healthy physical development of kids in all nations
Improve mental health all over the World
Increase the exposure and appeal of Aussie sports
Increased media coverage, advertising spend and athlete salaries
Boost the careers of thousands of Australian sports coaches and professionals
Increased membership for Australian sports clubs
Increased tax contribution from the sport industry
Stronger political and economical relationships

“We’ve hit a glass ceiling with our national sports. And while competitions are tough and entertaining, the finals broadcasting on TV has also reached maximum appeal and audience – and dollars. Plus, Netball, AFL, NRL, ARU and Cricket sports clubs can’t get any more members… that is unless we start to appeal to other nations.

Ukraine and Australia share more in common than you might think. Ukrainian President and Australian Prime Ministers were both elected in 2019, so are fairly fresh in their position. The grassroots sport in Ukraine is football (soccer), so they would be excited to play alternative field sports in a team environment, and play NRL and AFL in a National Ukrainian competition, and then represent the country. Just like Aussies, Ukrainian people are mentally tough and very competitive by nature. Aussie-Goal!™ contacts in sports management in the Ukraine have shown keen interest in their initial plan.

Analytics forecasting shows it is good timing to get in touch with the Ukrainian Government. They are in need of a friend to mentor, guide and support them to develop a new society and healthy and happy Ukranian citizens, stabilise their political situation, and create commercial business opportunities for all parties.

Aussie-Goal!™ would like the Australian Government to consider this proposition to build economical, political and friendship in Eastern Europe with Ukraine through a sporting partnership. It’s WIN-WIN!

So it’s time to expand our sports internationally and recruit new countries to PLAY, WATCH, COACH BET, and COMPETE with Australia.

That’s our Goal, our Aussie- Goal!™

Daniel Biryukoff
Founder, Aussie-Goal!™
0468 886 879